I am that bitch that bitch about the Chicas

I am that bitch that bitch about the Chicas

      I am back city bees….If you have any questions.. then ASK okay?

      Anonymous said:
      Who cheated with who (Nico Salva and Mean Young break- up)? Sorry just too interested. :) Are they even fiends now? Nico Salva and the new gf is very public now, but Megan Young is too quiet about her new beau. Hope you'll answer this one too.

      Do you work in some tabloid magazine? Sigh. Oh well, since you are so nosy about this, I’ll give you some juicy scoops.. Okay? Now, let’s do this in riddle. So, a boy cheated on a girl because the boy is a boy. And this boy act like a boy because he’s a boy. The girl is a lady and acts like one. So if the boy acts public with a current girl.. then I guess both act like their shoe sizes. But the lady who got cheated on remains a lady. Classy. 

      Anonymous said:
      What's the reason why nico salva and megan young broke up? hope you answer this one. :)

      cheating bastard.

      Exposé Again

      Good day, bees. 

      I am very happy to announce that I have a twitter account. And my twitter has been a blast to you and the chicas. I am having a fun time cheating, insulting, and degrading each and everyone (chicas or not).

      So, let’s cut this short. I received a very juicy gift from one of my sources. You see, bees, some presents might end up getting returned. Some gifts are for keeps. Other presents come when you least expect them. And everyone knows the biggest present is when you are expecting it and then you get it. So let’s go straight to the juice, shall we? Turns out our Lonely Boy has a new beau. And guess what it’s not a she but a he. Ohhh.. this is getting so much better.

      Now now, don’t get too excited. I am still on the process of gathering every little juice from this news but yeah, I am still going to share some nectars that I just sipped.

      Yes, this new-beau is the new boy in my town. Fresh, young and yes, very toned. Props to Lonely Boy for having such good eyes. Uh, well, I seldom give compliments so you better be happy for this.  

      From what I know the name is “Ronny.” Yes, a boy and, hold up, a model. Well, you know what I mean. “A-model-like-nikolai.” So you shouldn’t be that excited. Want to see how he looks like? Okay, this is gonna be a Nikolai showoff entry then.. (yes, I might shave my head now because of this)

      I also heard that Lonely Boy took him as a date in Megan Young’s birthday. And yes, like an innocent person taken to jail, I am confused to who he is. And yes, little bees, because I am a genius this New Guy is definitely present at Megan’s Birthday. You know, it’s kind of funny, how you can find meaning from things you wouldn’t think to look at. You know like pictures.

      Yes, with Trisha Velarmino looking agitated and uncomfortable with her touch.

      Oh yes, now he’s with the chicas here, posing like a Chinese guy. And come to think about it, he doesn’t look happy. Oh maybe because he has diarrhea? Notice the hand? Oh well..

      Now the guy is here acting like a dead guy with Erin Mason. What a good actor. Funny guy. I am beginning to like the kid.

      Now here are some of the pictures of Lonely Boy’s beau. Have fun.

      Hey you people, look who’s smiling like a crazy pedophile?

      The truth always comes out, it’s one of the fundamental rules of time. And when it comes out it can set you free, or end everything you’ve fought so hard for. Another way the truth comes out - when you don’t even mean it to, or when, without saying a word, it’s still heard loud and clear. Right Lonely Boy?

      But do you know the worst thing the truth can do? Is when you finally tell it, it doesn’t set you free, but locks you away forever. HAHA.

      With love. Fuckyeahchicas.

      (this was altered because Lonely Boy asked me to delete this, but I won’t. This makes us fair and oh, by the way, YOU OWE ME. But yeah, if you little bees want the original entry, then message me here or in twitter.. maybe I’ll show you or maybe not.)


      A warm applause to my new followers. Tour around my blog if you want and if you dont, then I don’t know what to do with you. But, I’ll give you all a smile. 

      Since time passed like butterflies, the only way to catch is to bust the batch. And like they say when the cat’s away, the mice will play. Looks like the little rodents had so much fun while I was away.

      So, February 9 was not really an ordinary night for the chicas. While some went to work, traveled, or even bummed (which is hypocritical) 2 chicas decided to go to the Azkals game in Bacolod. They stayed there for one whole day then left the next day. Talked about impulsive. But you know, being risky makes these chicas interesting. 

      These chicas went home happy since Azkals won against Mongolia 2-0. I bet they were real tired afterwards. Lovely. 

      Too bad Megan Young and Erin Mason wasn’t able to come. (Probably busy boring themselves out) And to educate your young, innocent, naive minds; Out of the 14 chicas, only 4 chicas are football fans and that is Erin, Tiffany, Megan and Denise. From what I know, these girls supports Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and the Spain National Team. I don’t understand football but one thing for sure these girls are like keepers to strikers - they’re interested of the game first then to the players. (or maybe that’s what they want to believe) And if you guys are wondering, the girl beside Denise and Tiffany is non other than Trisha Velarmino.

      No, that’s not a tear in my eye, it’s just allergies. Without you, I’m nothing. Fuckyeahchicas.

      A Star fell from the sky and he called himself, unfortunately, Nikolai.

      Oh yes. I know a lot of you missed me. And my new underlings popped like mushrooms as they massively followed my beautiful blog.. for that, I will smile for you all. But I am back now and believe me when I say, Fuckyeahchicas just got bigger and MEANER.

      My favorite Lonely Boy is Blessed. I know this because I can feel his guts, tenacity and confidence bursting like a supernova in a city called Manila. But just so you know, I gathered all my remaining energy to write this one not to humor you guys but to humor myself. Why am I doing this? Oh no, I don’t hate Lonely Boy.. I just have this burning feeling that someone in this world should stand up and face the truth, well, face the truth back to the blinded eyes of the people and yes, Lonely boy’s.

      This picture CRACKS me UP! Sorry, does that sound mean? Let me rephrase that. This picture is PHOTOSHOPPED and LOOKS FAKE. Did that offend you? Oh no.. I ran out of kind words. Sorry.

      Well, do you find these sexy or nice people? ‘Cause I keep on having these weird pedophile nightmares every night just thinking about it. I could send these to some film directors and they would immediately think of a horror story. 

      Oh and another one, A modeling search for a REVIEW CENTER? Are you kidding me? A Review Center?! Oh well, good luck passing the bar then people.. looks like you have Professor Lockhart to guide you.

      I don’t want to sound mean or anything, I just want the best for you lonely boy. If you want a modeling career then go to a Modeling agency. A legitimate and professional one. Not some prayer group or something. And you need to focus on something where your image would best fit, like some.. video or porn.

      Anyways, feel free to hit me back if you feel hurt or disgraced or disgusted or flabbergasted.. blah blah blah I am more than happy to answer your curses or complains.

      But you know, I am FUCKYEAHCHICAS and I never lie. EVER. So face it, you know I’m telling the truth. And like all the bitches would say, Truth Hurts.

      Again, again.. TADA!

      Cracks me up every time.

      well, if you love lonely boy feel free to like his photo in Rachell Allen’s Facebook Page. (My god, I can’t believe I’m promoting this)

      Anyways, I’m off to meet my psychiatrist for my sleeping pills. Thank you very much for this photo above. Sigh.

      With love, always and forever. 

      Let’s try this again..


      Who’s That Girl? Na Na Na..

      Pretty, petite, chic, funny and fab - this adjectives best describe this girl. Now now, who is she and why does she have an entry?

      Behold underlings, this is Ange Abistado, the newest Member of the chicas.

      Of course this will not be a welcome if there’s no FUCKYEAHCHICAS’ WELCOMING ENTRY. So honey B, this one is for you.

      I heard that Ange was officially welcomed in the Chicas’ Year-End party in Subic. Everyone welcomed her with open arms. Awe. That is so cheesy. Oh well, here’s a little scoop I have about Ange Abistado. Congratulations darling, you just received your first SCOOP from me.

      Ange Abistado or Angelique Abistado, age 20 (young blood) and still a student at Trinity University of Asia. From my sources, Ange is a really good singer. Not that I really care. So, Moving on. She was introduced by Ms. Young to the Chicas, and each of one of them fell for her.. like a prey to it’s tiger. I don’t mean to sound like a hyena in Africa but yeah, if you are a loyal reader of mine then you should know by now that I am such a mean writer. Well, always been.

      Heard that she’s currently hanging out a lot in Taft Avenue because, from what I heard, she’s meeting with her boy from CSB. OH yeah, a love affair straight in your faces curious bees. 

      Thinking of calling you, hm, Wild Child. Nice shirt by the way, gave me the inspiration. So wild child it is! Besides, I heard Ange is wild. If you define all her body parts, all just put you back to the word WILD.

      I’ll gather more scoops about you little princess, so be careful. We don’t want exposing our skeletons in my blog. 

      Oh Wild Child what have you been up to now? I know these people are dying to know. 

      With Love.

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